International Women’s Day: gender diversity is still a serious issue in the construction industry

International Women’s Day: gender diversity is still a serious issue in the construction industry

Despite campaigning for gender parity for more than a century, the latest research shows that 68% of managers within the construction industry believe their sector still struggles with a lack of gender diversity.

The research, which comes from multi-discipline recruitment company, Search Consultancy, was conducted with 1,000 managers and asked respondents to rate how they believed their industry compared against a range of diversity markers.

The full list of sectors, from most to least diverse in terms of gender representation, is:
Legal – 40%
Hospitality – 44%
Marketing – 49%
Sales – 50%
Scientific – 52%
Engineering & manufacturing – 52%
Logistics – 53%
Call & contact centre – 54%
Accountancy & finance – 55%
Business support – 56%
Social work – 56%
Healthcare – 57%
Financial services – 59%
HR – 59%
Industrial – 60%
Transportation – 63%
Construction – 68%

The research also looks into racial and age diversity within businesses across the sectors. 56% of managers in the construction industry believed their business lacked racial diversity, with 54% admitting age diversity was an issue. 66% of managers also believe a more diverse workforce would help resolve the skills shortage in the construction industry.

Erin Vickers, director of talent and engagement at Search Consultancy, said: “Although research shows that 83% of managers in the construction sector believe their industry is suffering from a skills shortage, little is being done to encourage a more diverse workforce and consequently widen the talent pool available.

“The benefits of having a diverse team are endless. Looking outside of the typical candidate demographic can help resolve the skills shortage, create a better understanding of customers and significantly improve employer brand. Now more than ever, it is time to encourage increased diversity in the workplace and help businesses grow following a very difficult 12 months.”

To read Search Consultancy’s report, click here

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