Altecnic launches valve assembly for multi-occupancy buildings 

Altecnic launches valve assembly for multi-occupancy buildings 

Altecnic, a leading supplier in hydronic solutions and part of the Caleffi Group, has launched the new ‘Apartment Control Assembly Plus™’. The valve assembly has been designed to allow the easy monitoring and control of water supply to a range of residential and commercial multi-occupancy developments.  

The Apartment Control Assembly Plus features three interconnected monoblocs: 

Pressure Control & Isolation: Featuring an isolating ball valve, a high-performance pressure reducing valve (PRV) with a tamper-proof cover, a gauge port, and a strainer, this monobloc provides robust isolation and pressure regulation. 

Water Meter & Carrier: Equipped with a water meter carrier and isolation capabilities, this monobloc facilitates accurate monitoring and measurement of water usage. 

Backflow Prevention & Isolation: Incorporating a double check valve with a test port, a high-quality isolation valve, and a rotatable 360° drain cock on two axes, this monobloc ensures efficient water flow and maintenance. 

The new solution is available in six configurations, including various options of water meter with wireless MBUS connectivity. The use of wireless MBUS connectivity opens the potential for remote communications from the water meter. 

The company says the Apartment Control Assembly Plus features built-in mounting brackets and user-friendly features. By consolidating multiple functions into a single assembly, it says, the solution reduces the number of connections required during installation, thereby saving time, money, and mitigating the risk of leaks. 

Gary Perry, Managing Director at Altecnic, commented: “The Apartment Control Assembly Plus offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies water management for multi-occupancy buildings. Each component of the assembly has been designed to put flexibility into the hands of installers, whether in new-build or retrofit, and whether installing or performing maintenance.” 

Gary continued: “For example, the two isolating ball valves allow for each dwelling to be isolated from the main system along with the Apartment Control Assembly Plus itself – allowing for hassle-free maintenance. Meanwhile the easy-service PRV allows water pressures to be set and adjusted, and the self-contained cartridge simplifies inspection and maintenance procedures.  The inclusion of a double check valve and 360˚ rotatable drain cock enables the Apartment Control Assembly Plus to meet the unique requirements of any project.”  

“Furthermore, our customers demand products that not only meet but exceed industry standards, with the Apartment Control Assembly Plus delivering on that promise. With WRAS and KIWA Reg 4 approvals on the Series 539H monobloc, along with our signature 5-year warranty on premium Caleffi products, we show our dedication to quality and performance, allowing our customers peace of mind.” 

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