Build-in niches and shelves in modern bathrooms 

Build-in niches and shelves in modern bathrooms 

Installers, designers and homeowners know the issue too well. If accessories such as shelves and niches need to be added at any stage after the initial framework build, drilling through the tile and stone will damage both the covering and the waterproofing behind.  

One solution, from Schlüter Systems, offers a portfolio of shelves and niches which eliminate the need for drilling. Whether they are installed along a wall, in a corner or niche, the practical shelves are available in a wide range of design and colour combinations and include options that can be retrofitted. 

The Schlüter-SHELF collection includes several shapes to fit in a corner as well as an option that can be installed anywhere within the wall area if it is in line with the grout joint. The company says that installation is easy as no drilling is required, and the shelf can be integrated into the grout joint with the use of a sealant.  

Options include the rectangular niche shelf - Schlüter-SHELF-N-S1 – which is suited to the prefabricated niche Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-N/-NLT and has been designed for a precise fitduring tile installation. Schlüter-SHELF-N shelves have dimensions 30cm × 8.7cm.  


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