Activ-Tec introduces ActivStopLeak providing a defence against water damage 

Activ-Tec introduces ActivStopLeak providing a defence against water damage 

Activ-Tec has announced the launch of its new leak detection and prevention device, ActivStopLeak – a solution designed to provide protection against the risks of flood damage in properties. 

The company says ActivStopLeak can detect micro flows as low as 0.1 litres per hour. This sensitivity, it says, not only positions ActivStopLeak as a leader in the field but also as a critical tool in reducing annual water bills, capable of identifying leaks.  

Stuart Gizzi, Director at Activ-Tec, said: “ActivStopLeak is not just about detecting leaks; it’s about proactively preventing the extensive damage and costly repairs that can result from flooding. Its advanced technology can detect even the slightest anomalies in water flow, offering a vital line of defence against severe water damage and costly bills.” 

The system’s intelligent control learns normal water usage patterns to identify leaks or burst pipes early. Upon detecting a potential major leak, ActivStopLeak promptly shuts off the water supply. This, the company says, mitigates the risk of flooding and associated damage, including electrical hazards, compromised structural integrity, and the potential for mould and mildew growth. 

The unit features an app for real-time monitoring and control from a smartphone. Users receive alerts for detected leaks and can remotely shut off or restore the water supply. This feature is especially useful for managing unusual water usage situations, such as watering the garden.  

The app also allows for temporary resets in case of minor leaks, keeping the system functional while awaiting repairs. An optional wall-mounted remote provides a visual status of the water system, allowing users to instantly spot any issues. 

The new solution joins Activ-Tec’s range of products, which includes its ActivFlo water conditioner, launched in 2017. 

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