Access smart heating controls training and drive down howeowner costs

Access smart heating controls training and drive down howeowner costs

The energy crisis and uncertainty around renewable heating sources mean that installers have a crucial role to play in guiding customers on how to drive down energy costs. James Clark, Training Manager at Drayton, discusses why continued training is key to navigating the ever-changing landscape of smart heating controls. 

Changes in modern and renewable heating systems, coupled with the rising demand for smart heating controls, highlights the need for installers to undertake regular training. Such training can help them in supporting their customers in keeping up to date with the latest technical developments and making the most of controls, which can help to cut the cost of their energy bills. But just how can regular training set installers apart and how can these initiatives be accessed? 

Adopting technological changes
Heating systems of today have transformed thanks to unprecedented developments in technology. However, this landscape continues to evolve and smart heating controls continue to advance. Therefore, it is key for installers to stay ahead of these changes in order to understand how this technology should be installed, commissioned and how to troubleshoot any issues to support their customers switching to new means of controlling their heating.  

Attending training is also a great way to keep on top of the newest features being introduced into smart heating controls, so they can explain the benefits to their customers.  

Navigating regulatory changes
The heating industry is subject to regular regulatory shifts and with changes expected to remain a constant with the advent of new heating systems such as heat pumps, installers should be in the know about the impact of new installation practices. 

Training serves as a way for installers to remain informed and ahead of the curve on important compliance changes by getting the insight they need to know from qualified industry professionals, to ensure that their work aligns with industry standards, mitigating any risks to the homeowner.  

Expanding your business
With big targets to meet when it comes to the installation of renewables here in the UK by 2030, many installers are looking to upskill and expand their business by becoming MCS certified.  

By attending complementary training on heating controls alongside their MCS training, installers can get familiar with which solutions are compatible with heat pump and other renewable systems so they know what to recommend when quoting for an install, as well as understand how heating controls can be set up to best to manage the system.  

By knowing which heating controls offer modulation, weather compensation and features like optimum stop, installers will be in a prime position to truly optimise a renewable system to obtain efficiency savings.  

Drayton provides guidance on how installers can fit the company’s new Digistat.   

Enhancing customer experience
When upgrading from a traditional thermostat and programmer, BEAMA found that smart heating controls can generate up to 18% in annual savings, and with the  

cost-of-living crisis still affecting many UK households, installers well-versed in commissioning smart heating controls will be helping to support customers with cost-savings.  

According to Drayton research undertaken during 2022, 70% of homeowners stated that they believe they are wasting money on energy bills because they do not fully understand their heating. Therefore, those educating themselves on smart heating controls will be looked upon favourably by customers who are seeking systems that can help them save money.  

Not only this, but customers will be looking to installers to guide them through the latest changes to smart heating controls off the back of technological advancements.  

Drayton has committed to supporting installers when it comes to training in a number of ways, offering the flexibility to choose a learning style and timeframe that suits each individual.  

The free online training academy, 9° Know How, features a variety of modules that focus on the fitting of its wide range of products, including the Digistat, auto-balancing TRVs and Wiser, which, upon completion of the module, awards installers with Wiser Approved Installer status.  

For those interested in staying up to date with the big talking points in the industry, installers can join the live expert panel sessions on the Drayton Community Facebook Group, which cover a variety of topics including legislation changes. The live sessions, which feature regular appearances from notable heating and plumbing industry experts such as Kimbo Betty, Richard Burrows and Rhiannon de Wreede, allow the audience to put their own questions forward to the panel too.  

Alongside this, is a host of on-demand training videos that can be found on Drayton’s YouTube channel. Installers can subscribe to the channel to be notified when new videos are published to keep up with the latest training and can put questions to Drayton experts in the comments section.   

It is clear that installers who want to expand and build a reputable business should consider regular training and learning opportunities an essential investment to be made. With industry changes occurring regularly, customers will favour, and therefore recommend installers that are knowledgeable and are able to give reliable advice on technology, legislation, and more.  

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