Talon’s Black Spacers for Hinged Clips available in larger packs   

Talon’s Black Spacers for Hinged Clips available in larger packs    

Talon has announced its best-selling Black Spacers are now available in a bag of 100. The Black Spacers, designed exclusively for compatibility with the company’s Hinged Clip range, have previously been available in bags of 20. The spacers allow heating and plumbing installers to easily maintain their standard of pipework, providing both functional and aesthetic enhancements quickly and easily. 

Manufactured from high-quality polypropylene, Talon’s Hinged Clips offer a 360° fixing solution for a wide variety of pipes, including PEX, Copper, MDPE and PVC. The system also allows all sizes of Talon Hinged Clips to be connected, delivering a comprehensive solution for pipework security. 

The Black Standard Spacers are designed to fit the base of all Talon Hinged Clips, MDPE Clips and Snap-in Open Clips, providing an additional 13mm clearance from the fixing surface. This extra space facilitates pipe insulation to snsure that lagging can be applied without compromising the integrity of the pipework. 

One of the features of the spacers is their ability to ensure an even gap between clips, promoting a visually appealing and uniform look to the pipework. The spacers can also be stacked, offering even greater standoff when necessary. This feature is particularly beneficial for installations requiring thicker insulation or in scenarios where additional clearance is needed. The availability of the spacers in different colours opens up possibilities for colour coding pipework or matching the aesthetics of the installation environment. 

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