Tackle domestic limescale build-up

Tackle domestic limescale build-up

Salamander Pumps explores the issue of limescale build up in the home and introduces its new way to treat the whole house. 

Almost 80% of households in the UK suffer with hard water. With outlets throughout the home susceptible to limescale build up due to hard water, the efficiency, performance, and lifespan of plumbing and heating systems can be at risk. 

Hard water is characterised by high levels of calcium and magnesium, when the temperature or pH levels of the water increases limescale forms in the plumbing and heating system.  

During this process, dissolved minerals in the water convert into solid carbonate, leading to the accumulation of deposits in pipes, pumps, and fixtures. This causes a huge inconvenience for homeowners, who have to regularly remove the limescale where possible, such as on shower heads and inside kettles. The hidden impact of limescale can cause increased costs and maintenance as appliances, like boilers or pumps, as they become less efficient or damaged due to scale build up. 

Water conditioning
Salamander Pumps has now addressed these hard water woes by introducing three new water conditioners offering an efficient and low-cost solution.   

Designed to efficiently treat hard water, these water conditioners will limit scale build up and prolong the life of water using applications and heating systems, with options for a single outlet or whole house water treatment.  

Salamander Pumps unveils new Water Conditioners accessory range 

Operating without the need of a power supply, Salamander Pumps’ water conditioners have a Copper/Zinc alloy core, including a semi-precious content, which contains three additional metals. When water passes over the core, a catalytic reaction takes place, which causes the carbonic acid to precipitate. The pH of the water is temporarily increased, which triggers the formation the calcium carbonate in the water. The catalytic treated water has an increased capacity for calcium and carbon which prevents scale build up. The calcium is still in the water it is just in a different state, preventing it from sticking to pipes or surfaces.   

The water conditioners are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly, foregoing the use of chemicals or salt in their operation. With an inline design to provide an easy installation, Salamander Pumps’ water conditioners are available in three sizes, to suit specific needs and water flow. Choose the size based on the water flow, incorrect sizing can mean that the conditioner doesn’t work.  

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