Two Minutes With… Jerome Williams

Two Minutes With… Jerome Williams

Who are you?
Name: Jerome Williams  
Company name: J Williams Heating 
How long have you been involved in heating and plumbing? About 15 years. Worked for myself for nine years.

Tea or coffee? Tea! I love coffee too, but tea and biscuits? Forget about it!

Winter or summer? Summer. I like to finish work and socialise with friends in the summer. There’s so much going on in Brighton during the summer.

Twitter or Facebook? Twitter. Has anybody ever said Facebook?

Sweet or savoury? Saweet!

Ketchup or mayo? Mayo

Bath or shower? Hmm, I do like a hot soak in the bath after a long day, but would have to say a steaming shower.

City break or beach holiday? City break. Do I look like the type to suntan?!

Night owl or early bird? Night Owl

Organised van or messy van? Tidy van all day long.

Copper or plastic? Copper

Pick one…
Holiday destination… New York

Meal… Everyday meal spaghetti Bolognese, but if I could, I’d have Caribbean for special occasions.

Movie… Probably Forrest Gump, due to the range of emotions it takes you through.

Superhero talent… The ability to make people happy/laugh. Laughing is underrated.

Car… Ferrari Laferrari

Dinner guest… Alex Ferguson, the man is just a phenomenon.

Accent… I like most accents, but if I had to pick one it would be Irish I suppose. I’m particularly impressed by the way that cockney lad Clive O’Malley fakes his.

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