PRODUCT FOCUS: Airflow iCONsmart

PRODUCT FOCUS: Airflow iCONsmart

Airflow Developments has launched iCONsmart, the first app controlled range of modular fans.

The IPX5 rated axial fan offers simple installation and provides users with air quality insights to help identify issues and ensure a healthy indoor environment.

The latest addition to the Red Dot design award winning iCON range, iCONsmart is described as a highly efficient modular residential ventilation solution with connected capabilities and full Quiet Mark approval. It features a smart integrated flow sensor that will automatically adjust to the specific installation situation. This removes the need for manual alterations to be made during commissioning to achieve the required flowrate and minimises the potential performance gap. The innovative flow sensor also ensures consistent performance throughout the life of the system as it will automatically adapt to changing wind back pressures to maintain the correct level of ventilation.

The iCONsmart is linked to the myAirflow app that provides an easy to use interface for contractors and users. During installation, the app guides the installer through the simple, intuitive setup process to configure elements such as the activation range, overrun duration and silent hours. NICEIC approved installers can also use the app for certification and notification of works – a feature unique to myAirflow.

The iCONsmart range also provides access to live and historic data on the usage and performance of the fan. Through the app users can access a three-month downloadable rolling data log for time on, power usage and humidity. This can help landlords and homeowners to deal with issues such as damp caused by the fan being used incorrectly.

Where the humidity module is fitted, the unique ‘live room health’ feature, accessible through the app, provides real time data on the indoor air quality. The easy to read graph displays the current temperature and humidity as well as a ‘health zone’ – the target conditions for a safe indoor environment.

The innovative design allows the fan to be tailored as required, with the addition of timer, humidity and motion sensing digital control modules. Furthermore, with IPX5 rating iCONsmart offers the installation flexibility to fit the fan in even the most demanding areas, including directly above a shower. The iCONsmart also features the unique, patented iris shutter to prevent backdrafts.

The new range includes the iCONsmart 15, 30 and 60, which provide adjustable flow rates of 15 to 23 l/s, 30 to 47 l/s and 60 to 90 l/s respectively. The iCONsmart range offers market leading sound performance with figures as low as 23.5 dB(A) at 3 metres and all fans in the range have achieved Quiet Mark approval.

The fans are also said to deliver exceptional levels of energy efficiency. iCONsmart 15, 30 and 60 achieve 0.14, 0.09 and 0.15 Specific Fan Power respectively, significantly below the maximum 0.5 required by Part F of the Building Regulations.

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