Prevent home water leaks  

Prevent home water leaks  

Water damage can cause serious damage to homes and household items. Installers can play a central role in assisting homeowners in avoiding the inconvenience, distress, and unwanted cost of water leaks. Martin Wilson, Sales Director at Resideo, outlines why doing so can help installers add value to their commercial relationships.  

As installers will appreciate, household leaks can occur in various areas of a home, with common instances found in taps, toilets, and showerheads.  

In some cases, insurance may cover the damages, but policy limitations and deductibles can still create unexpected financial costs. In extreme cases, households may need to temporarily relocate and move furniture and belongings while repairs are made.  

To ease the impact of water damage, installers can be at the forefront of urging the deployment of sensible preventive measures, such as regular maintenance and proper installation. The trade can play an active role in reassuring customers that potential water-related damage can be avoided and add value to the relationships they have with clients.  

Some of the measures installers can promote include a thorough, regular inspection of the plumbing system, including pipes, taps, toilets, and appliances. There should be a check that water pressure is within the recommended range and that pipes are correctly protected ahead of cold seasons.  

By implementing preventive measures, clients reduce the risk of water leaks and are in a far stronger position to maintain a healthy and efficient plumbing system. 

Smart technology
Most homes in the UK will not be occupied 24/7 due to owners and tenants being away for work, travel, events, and daily tasks that take place outside of the home. In some cases, properties may have a primary purpose of being a holiday let with the owners living in a different place entirely.  

In any case, preventive care is vital to avoid costly water leaks. Installers can support their client base by advocating the specification of a reliable leak detection system as a peace of mind solution.  

For example, the Resideo Braukmann L1 WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector can be placed in areas where water could cause damage, making it ideal for bathrooms, utility rooms, under sinks, or around pipes. WiFi-enabled, the L1 will alert to leaks or frozen pipes with smartphone notifications via the Resideo Smart Home app. It will also send alerts within the home itself, via LED lights and a 100 dBA alarm system.  

Meanwhile, if a leak is detected, the Resideo Braukmann L5 WiFi Water Leak Shutoff Valve automatically turns off the water supply to the home. The shutoff valve shuts off the home’s water supply when the L1 detects water via the 1.5 m sensor cable attached to the device, however the leak detection range can also be extended up to 152m by adding other sensor cables. In addition, the L5 can also be paired with the L1 detector and Resideo Smart Home app so homeowners can control the water supply from anywhere.  

By pairing these products together with the Resideo Smart Home app, homeowners can set alerts to notify their installer of leak or shutoff events, so awareness is speedily raised that action needs to be taken. 

Collaborating with clients and making them aware of the potential solutions that can mitigate the chance of water damage, can be a powerful way to further cement long-term relationships. Doing so can make real inroads into reducing the multimillion-pound cost of leaks UK homeowners and their insurers are faced with on an annual basis. 

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