Norseal unveils firestopping solutions for plumbers 

Norseal unveils firestopping solutions for plumbers 

A provider of passive fire stopping products, Norseal, is offering plumbers a full range of fire stopping solutions. Building on its experience in supplying intumescent fire and smoke seals to the door and glazing sector, Norseal has now applied this knowledge to a line of firestopping solutions specifically designed for the plumbing industry.  

Included is a range of pipe collars and wraps, which are purpose-built for creating compliant apertures in walls, floors, or ceilings through which pipework can safely pass. 

The Norseal FireStopping range includes products designed to fit around pipes that penetrate concrete and masonry walls and floors. These have been engineered to reinstate the fire resistance of various structures and are designed for use around the pipes found in soil, waste, drainage, and HVAC systems. The products come in a broad array of sizes to fit multiple applications. 

Norseal’s pipe wraps contain Pyroplex intumescent graphite within a self-adhesive sleeve, suitable for pipes ranging from 55 to 160mm. The company says that these require no secondary fixings, allowing easy installations in tight corners or against walls, areas where it can be challenging to fit a traditional fire collar. 

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