Cistermiser’s flushing control wins BMA Sustainability Award

Cistermiser’s flushing control wins BMA Sustainability Award

At the recent Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) Sustainability Awards 2022 Cistermiser’s  EasyflushEVO won the Water Efficiency category. Judges praised EasyflushEVO for its, “new and novel approach” to tackling water loss and eradicating the leaky loos.

Richard Braid, Managing Director of Cistermiser, commented: “Cistermiser has spent more than a decade innovating and providing products that help FMs, local authorities, health trusts and building owners and it is so rewarding to have the team’s hard work on EasyflushEVO to be recognised by a panel of independent judges.

“We all know as an industry how much water is wasted through leaking toilets. According to experts Waterwise, a leaking toilet wastes between 215 and 400 litres of clean drinking water on average every day. Between 5 and 8% of toilets are estimated to be leaking, adding up to around 400 million litres of water leaking from UK toilets every day. Against a backdrop of the climate crisis and the Road to Net Zero, losses like these are clearly unsustainable.

“The EasyflushEVO is our latest addition to the Cistermiser product range, and its revolutionary flushing valve solves the problem of leaking toilet cisterns and saves 78,475 litres of water per unit per year. This was a huge inspiration for the development of the EasyflushEVO and although it might not single handily solve the ‘leaky loos’ problem we have in this country, it goes a long way to raising standards and awareness.

“The EasyflushEVO has revolutionised WC flushing by bringing together the previously unattainable benefits of non-touch and leak-free flushing. The patented flush design means there is no flushing seal below the waterline, so unlike traditional flush valves, it will not leak due to debris, scale, or seal degradation. We are, as a company, so proud to be contributing to the positive shift towards making this industry more sustainable.”

Tom Reynolds, CEO of the BMA, noted: “Cistermiser has been committed to reducing water wastage and it is so exciting to see how far they are willing to push themselves through innovation to take product performance sustainability to the next level. It’s a tough ask, but with products like the EasyflushEVO, we can all contribute to transitioning this industry to do its bit for the planet, here at the BMA, we look forward to seeing what Cistermiser does next.”

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