Snickers Workwear introduces work trousers with fully integrated knee pads

Snickers Workwear introduces work trousers with fully integrated knee pads

Snickers Workwear’s new AllroundWork, Stretch Trousers with Capsulized™ Kneepads and Holster Pockets is a solution designed for tradespeople who are on and off their knees throughout the working day.

Plumbers spend a lot of time on their knees – in lofts, on bathroom floors, under kitchen sinks – the list is long and wear on the knees can be hard. So, any solution which promises knee protection, but is combined with durable and flexible work trousers is worth an early look. 

Enter the Snickers Workwear AllroundWork, Stretch Trousers with Capsulized™ Kneepads and Holster Pockets. In this latest product the workwear specialist has brought together more than four decades of innovation in work trousers with its established knee protection solutions. The result is a pair of rugged work trousers with fully integrated, certified knee pads.    

The trousers are made from tough CORDURA fabric, which provides both durability and strength while being resistant to tears and scuffs. There are a lot of storage areas, including two holsters and pockets galore. The Capsulized kneepads, designed and engineered in partnership with YBC®, have been developed to deliver effective penetration protection and impact absorption, whilst remining comfortable when both kneeling and walking. 

It is the way the kneepads have been incorporated into the trousers that has born this new solution. 

A CORDURA stretch covering provides external fabric durability, while inside there is a layer of high density foam which combines with Ortholite comfort foam technology that is highly shock absorbent.  

The company explained that comfort and protection are further enhanced by a foam comfort layer for pressure release when working while kneeling. To complete the solution, an inner polyester fabric seals the outer protection layers onto the trouser leg to deliver a comfortable surface between the wearer’s knee and the kneepad itself.  

The whole thing is designed so that the energy created by the impact of working on your knees – or if you accidentally bang them when working – is dissipated. 

Nicole Rimér, Head of Innovation at Snickers Workwear explained: “We have set out to solve a common frustration for workers who are constantly moving around; standing up and kneeling down. Now thanks to our ground-breaking Capsulized™ kneepads, they can get all the comfort and freedom of movement they want and still have the practical knee protection they need.” 

For us, the trousers had a great fit and on first wear felt comfortable. The stretch element was welcome, especially when kneeling. When on the floor the kneepads sat in the right place and felt comfortable and stable.  

Sizing guide
The company points out that it is important to select the right trousers size as that determines kneepad placement, which can be done by checking out the Snickers Workwear sizing guide.   

For tradespeople who are up and down all day these trousers could be a great solution. They are also a demonstration of how Snickers Workwear continues to bring innovative products to the workwear market after almost 50 years.    

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