RIDGID Tools | Q&A

RIDGID Tools | Q&A

From pressing to drain cleaning and a lot more besides, RIDGID products are designed to ensure installers can work efficiently and effectively. PHPI caught up with Paul Morrow, Country Manager UK & Ireland, RIDGE Tool UK, to find out more about the company’s solutions and the support it can provide to busy plumbers. 

Q. With many plumbers working alone or as part of a small team, support from product manufacturers can be a lifeline – especially when out on a job and something goes awry. What kind of support is available from RIDGID?
One of the most important things is to use the best tool solution for the job. Not the one with the most features, not the most or least expensive, but the best tool for the job. The range of products available for plumbers is vast and selection of the most appropriate tool can sometimes involve many hours of research, which quite often plumbers don’t have the necessary time available to make a fully informed decision. This is where RIDGID can help. The sales team are an experienced group who have had all the difficult question asked in the past, from jobs all over the UK and Ireland. The RIDGID team can advise on the current best solution, considering the constant flow of new products entering the trade counters to make jobs quicker, cleaner and safer. 

The purchase of a RIDGID tool is just the beginning. You then become one of the proud owners of a quality tool which will last a lifetime. If, as does happen from time to time, you have trouble using our products, the sales team are available for technical support whenever you need them. Normally a conversation on the phone is enough to resolve an operational issue, or if a more detailed explanation is required, we will travel to your location to conduct a full demonstration and make sure you’re getting the most value from your tool.

Q. Can plumbers register products to receive any enhanced benefits?
Yes, there is a product registration section on where every product can be registered. This creates a record of your purchase and activates a full Lifetime warranty. All RIDGID tools are warranted to be free of material and workmanship defects. Should your tool ever malfunction from defects in workmanship or materials, we will repair or replace the tool free of charge. By registering your product, you also will be kept up to date with the latest new products as they are launched, making you one of the first to know!

Q. The company has recently introduced a new press fitting tool, the RP 115 Micro. Can you tell us a bit more about it please?
The range of Press Tools has been strengthened again with the introduction of the world’s smallest and lightest solution for Cu pipes up to 28mm and plastic/ multilayer pipes up to 32mm. Especially focussed on the domestic plumber and designed in a compact housing, it allows you to reach into confined areas like under floorboards or into tight cupboards with ease.  

Powered by a 12v Li-Ion battery, press fittings can be made in three seconds, even if the pipe is wet. At just 1.3Kg it’s an easy one-handed operation. M & V jaws for Cu and U & TH jaws for plastic pipes are available for the compact tool. No naked flames make press the safest solution especially for loft areas or council owned jobs, and now the size of the tool has reduced, provides a real alternative to solder joints.

Q. Another area in which RIDGID is increasingly known is drain cleaning, notably the FlexShaft range of solutions. Are there any new solutions for plumbers to be aware of here?
The Flexshaft has been revolutionary in cleaning blockages and general pipe maintenance to keep the water free-flowing as if they were new. There are two established models K9-102 for 1-2” diameter pipes and K9-204 for 2-4” diameter pipes. Both work by attaching a battery drill to a central shaft (eliminating any remote power requirements or trailing leads).  

When the drill is operated, it spins an inner central cable which in turn spins a chain knocker which reaches wall-to-wall within the pipe. As its the inner core that’s moving, the outer sheath serves as a protective jacket, making sure you don’t cause any damage to white porcelain or traps. With a range of up to 15m, it provides a compact solution for solving many of the normal domestic blockages. 

What’s new and very exciting if you’re a plumber is the launch of a mini Fleshaft version called K9-12. It operates the same way as it’s bigger brothers but is a fraction of the size. With 9m of cable and still handling 1-2” pipes, its perfect for soft blockages and pipe cleaning. It even protects itself with a built-in clutch – preventing any damage to the cable if a hard blockage is encountered. As the cable is contained within a sealed housing, there’s no drips to worry about as you carry it over your customers new cream carpet! At 3.8Kg and not much bigger than a laptop bag, it’s an exciting new product launch.

Q. How can a plumber see these products in action. Does RIDGID provide any demonstrations, have a demo van or attend any trade shows?
If you want to see the RIDGID products in action there’s a few ways you can experience it. The RIDGID YouTube channel is a great resource with videos showing the main features and time saving tricks and tips. Were also on social media Instagram Facebook & LinkedIn where we post and also re-post end users authentic video content.  

We have demonstration vehicles which we set up outside trade counters where you can discuss your requirements with our friendly sales team, try the products hands-on and get some real technical advice.  

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