Plumbing Products – November 2019

Plumbing Products – November 2019

Tuff Form8
AKW has launched Tuff Form8, an easy installation wet room former. It is said to combine all the benefits of the company’s existing Tuff Form former with a new octagonal fitting plate, allowing for up to 15 different waste positions and ensuring easy installation every time.

Available in nine sizes, the product is made from high strength Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC), and has a weight capacity of 381kg. The former can be tiled or covered with safety flooring and used to create complete level access solutions on both timber and concrete floors.

Designed for low-pressure systems, and ideally suited to the replacement market, the new AS2000SR from Triton, has been launched, to provide a quiet power shower. The shower has been awarded the Quiet Mark approval, and is fully thermostatic with a maximum temperature stop to avoid any accidental exposure to uncomfortably hot water, making it ideal for families.

The new model also features multiple cable and water entry points, and includes the Triton Swivel Fit water inlet, enabling installation to either top, rear or bottom entry pipes. Further added benefits include an anti-twist hose and a large three-mode, rub-clean shower head, helping to make cleaning a simple task.

Merlyn IQ
In an attempt to remove the difficult and time consuming elements from installation, Merlyn has launched the Merlyn IQ, with a slot and lock system, meaning screws are not needed. Similarly, there is no drilling required on the profiles or side panels to make adjustments. Instead, installers can simply hand tighten the profile in place using the pre-installed locking system.

The rollers come completely pre-assembled and simply click on to the fixing, and the easy-fit system allows installers to assemble the door directly on the tray making it a one person install.

Grohe Sense App
With the newly launched Sense app, Grohe believes it is taking water security and water management to a new level. The app lets users monitor and control the system from anywhere, and at any time, reportedly providing the maximum level of security. In case of an emergency, such as a detected leak or burst pipe in the home, a notification is sent to the user’s smartphone.

When Sense Guard is installed on the mains water pipe of the home, the water supply can be automatically turned off with just one tap of a button using the app.

Hidden Corners
Fibo has launched a new ‘hidden’ corner profile for use with its kitchen and bathroom wall panel system, designed to offer a complete tile effect.

While the original plastic or aluminium corner profiles overlap the wall panels, the new option can be installed behind them. Once sealant is applied, the internal profile is said to be completely hidden from view, so the join looks the same as if the wall was traditionally tiled and grouted, as well as being totally waterproof. The new profile can be used with all of Fibo’s wall panels.

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