Viessmann introduces new boiler registration app

Viessmann introduces new boiler registration app

Viessmann has introduced an app that enables installers to register new boilers quickly and simply on their tablets and smartphones. It is designed to reduce the time spent by installers on administration work and to make it easier for them to sell warranties to their customers.

With the new Viessmann Registration UK App, Viessmann Trained installers can complete the Gas Safe and warranty registration processes whenever it’s convenient for them, with no need to wait for access to a personal computer. Registrations can be made completely in one sitting, or partially completed and saved in drafts for finishing later.

To make boiler registrations error-proof, the new app features a barcode scanner to ensure that serial numbers are recorded with 100 per cent accuracy. This will guarantee easy product identification and first-time fixes if the customer ever has to call the after-sales servicing department.

Gas Safe and warranty certificates are sent by email on completion of the registration. Extended warranties can be bought during the registration process by the installer or later by the homeowner.

Damien Rose, a Leeds-based installer who has been BETA testing the app since last year said: “The app makes the job of registering boilers very easy. It is as simple as inputting the customer’s address, scanning the barcode on the boiler and clicking OK. The boiler is then registered and the homeowner receives the gas certificate before I’ve even left the property.

“The app saves me on average 10 minutes of administration per boiler. It may not sound a lot in isolation, but when you are installing 6 boilers a week it soon adds up. That is an hour a week which can be spent on other things. In addition, being able to add warranty upgrades through the app also makes the process much simpler and is easier to sell to the homeowner as an added option.”

The new app gives instant access to details about all previous installs without any need to visit the Viessmann Installer Portal and all data installed on the app is synchronised with data on the Portal System. The app also gives view-only access to Installer Portal account information.

The Viessmann Registration UK App is downloadable free-of-charge from the Apple and Google stores. As part of the download process installers must initially use their Viessmann Installer Portal username and password. Installers wishing to become Viessmann Trained can book themselves onto a course at

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