Five HVAC measurement instruments for heating engineers

Five HVAC measurement instruments for heating engineers

Testo shares its take on the top five HVAC measurement instruments for heating engineers.  

As a heating engineer, it is likely that each day you’ll take on a variety of tasks ranging in difficulty. That is why it is essential to have the right tools for every job.  

The team at Testo understand why having the right instruments is vital to ensure correct measurement and prevent unhappy customers due to excessive waiting times. We also know how important it is to have efficient tools on which you can rely. As experts in measurement instruments for HVAC applications, this is an area we are highly knowledgeable in, so here is our opinion on the top five measuring instruments for all heating engineers… 

  1. Flue Gas Analyser

Flue gas and emission measurement on heating systems and other small combustion plants serves to determine the level of pollutants emitted and the heating energy lost. The electronic flue gas analyser is a staple for heating engineers across the globe. They help in achieving safe and optimal boiler performance by measuring the key gas components within the combustion process. There are a range of flue gas analysers on the market for applications from domestic to industrial boilers, and all deliver precise results and allow you to see any issues instantly. 

  1. Gas Leak Detectors

Tightness testing (better known as serviceability or leakage quantity testing) on pipe systems must be repeated every 12 years with a measuring instrument. When undefinable problems on heating systems occur, the cause is often a gas leak. Searching for and finding gas leaks is often not easy. It is better not to let it come to that – with professional leakage quantity measuring instruments and fast sniffers.  

It only takes a small amount of gas to cause a potential safety risk, especially in a confined space, so finding any leak is imperative. With an electronic gas leak detector, leaks can be located in an instant and corrective action taken, and the Testo range can be used on all common combustion gases. 

  1. Thermal Imaging Camera

A thermal imaging camera is the perfect tool for detecting and pinpointing thermal anomalies without causing undue destruction to customer property – there are hardly any measuring instruments as versatile! They allow visualisation of pipework and leaks in hot water and underfloor heating systems, radiator blockages, and many other potential problem areas to be quickly identified.  

A thermal imaging camera also helps to detect thermal bridges and structural defects and allows you to see wear before system failure. With a range of products available on the market, thermal cameras are ideal for a wide range of applications in heating system diagnosis for both domestic and industrial settings.  

  1. Smart Probes

Want a professional, pocket-sized instrument to assist you in your daily tasks? Look no further – Smart probes are ideal measurement tools for everything in the world of HVAC. The compact professional measuring instruments are ideal for all your refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and ventilation applications.  

Each of the compact measuring instruments fulfils a very specific measuring task when it comes to monitoring temperature, pressure, humidity and flow. They allow the user to measure a broad range of values, including temperature, pressure, humidity, airflow, etc… through the use of a corresponding app with your smartphone or tablet device. Smart Probes are all about simple, wireless measurement and swift on-site reporting of measurements. 

  1. Digital Manifolds

Digital Manifolds are the perfect tool for work with heat pumps. With move towards Net Zero and greener heating technology, heat pumps are set to change the market of home heating systems. Testo digital manifolds are already widely proven within the refrigeration and Air-conditioning service sector and within the established heat pump market in Europe.  

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