Salamander Pumps unveils new digital water multimeter  

Salamander Pumps unveils new digital water multimeter  

Salamander Pumps, a leading manufacturer of water boosting solutions, has expanded its offering with a new water measuring device which the company has launched following a two-year development process. 

AquaScan is designed as a professional tool for use in the field. It is a portable, hand-held water measuring device, with 4-in-1 measurement capabilities including flow, pressure, temperature and water hardness, designed to deliver precise water insight.   

The portable unit is supplied in a hardwearing and robust case.  

AquaScan includes a variety of accessories to allow the product to connect to a range of outlets, including pipework, hoses, showers plus both indoor and outdoor taps. 

The rechargeable battery has up to a 12-hour life and can be charged via USB C cable included in the kit, meaning an installer doesn’t need to keep AquaScan plugged in to use it. 

AquaScan includes an IPX5 protection rating, a maximum flow measurement of 30 litre/minute, maximum water pressure 10 Bar and a maximum inlet water temperature of 70°C. 

Gareth Richards, Technical Director at Salamander Pumps said: “With a focus on efficiency and accuracy, plumbers are really looking forward to having access to and using a professional device that will set a new standard of customer service. 

“Our new device is a first here in the UK and takes out the guess work compared to exsisting measurement tools, providing trust and empowering our customers to deliver the right water solution with confidence. We’ve already had a number of pre-orders and positive feedback from user-trials, and we expect this device to make our customers jobs exceptionally easier and fly off the shelves.” 

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