Record number of vans on the UK’s roads

Record number of vans on the UK’s roads

Research by Direct Line for Business has revealed that the number of vans on Britain’s roads is at its highest for the last 25 years.

There are now 3.9 million vans on the roads, which is an increase of 19% in five years. Van registrations in the South West have increased the most of any region with 25% more vans compared to five years ago, closely followed by the East of England (24%), South East (23%) and Scotland (22%). London saw the lowest increase – just 8% more vans – perhaps because of the increased congestion charges for driving in the capital and concerns regarding the newly introduced ULEZ (ultra low emission zone) charge. 

New vans registered over the past five years

Region Percentage increase in new vans from 2012-2017 Total number of vans in the region at the end of 2017 Vans as a share of all registered vehicles at the end of 2017
South West 25% 488,300 13%
East of England 24% 410,100 10%
South East 23% 650,000 11%
Scotland 22% 293,600 10%
East Midlands 19% 331,500 11%
West Midlands 19% 455,300 12%
Wales 17% 205,100 11%
North West 15% 339,000 9%
Yorkshire & The Humber 14% 280,100 10%
North East 11% 156,100 12%
London 8% 219,400 7%
Total Great Britain 19% 3,898,100 10%

Source: Direct Line for Business 2019

The analysis also found that the proportion of vans on the road has been growing steadily in recent years, with Light Goods Vehicles accounting for 10% of all road vehicles in 2017, compared to 9% a decade ago. Overall the South West has the highest proportion of vans relative to the total number of vehicles, at 13%.

Vans were the topic up for discussion during a recent #TradesTalk Twitter chat, which looked at the trades’ chosen models, as well as issues concerning van security.

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