Tool storage & electric vans 

Tool storage & electric vans 

bott Smartvan discusses how to get the most from van storage – focusing on van racking for electric vehicles. 

In recent years we’ve witnessed the launch of a growing number of electric van models. From small EVs designed to neatly swerve through city traffic to larger vehicles primed for big on-site jobs, tradespeople and fleet managers have a suite of vans to choose from.  

The interior of these vans requires the same level of organisation and inventory management as any other vehicular workspace. As such, many drivers opt for a van racking system. There are plenty of different van racking solutions available, from simple DIY options to professionally installed kits. But what should you be looking for? And how do you make sure it fits your requirements? 

In this article we’ll discuss how to rack out electric vehicles, whilst continuing to make the most sustainable decisions possible. 

Choosing van racking for an EV 
From inexpensive ply solutions to lightweight metal systems, it’s important to choose the right van racking kit for your vehicle. The wrong one will cause plenty of frustration for you day-to-day, and even cause damage to your van’s interior, tools and equipment. When it’s time to level up the interior of your van, or upgrade your entire fleet, getting it right the first time will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Firstly, you need to pick a van racking kit made from robust, durable materials. Picking a more financially modest setup is tempting. After all, your business’s bottom line is the difference between struggling and thriving. Ply options are popular because of their smaller price tag. However, these systems can be prone to damage. And when your van racking gets damaged, everything onboard is in danger.  

Future proof  
It’s natural for your requirements to change over time, and your van racking should mirror that. Whether you need different tools, or simply want to change up your layout for more efficient ways of working, wooden and other drill-in options make life harder.  

Not only are these options heavy to move around, but when they’re physically fixed in place making alterations is a big undertaking. Look for no-drill, lightweight options to help you prep for whatever comes your way over the next few years in your chosen field. 

A sustainable option 
Once you’ve invested in an electric vehicle, why undermine it with bulky van racking? When you’re driving to site, or to multiple locations, every day, heavy racking kits will impact your fuel consumption in a big way. A lightweight metal option will lessen your vehicle’s burden on the environment with fewer fuel top ups needed.  

Space saving 
No matter your trade, you will need space to move in the back of your van. Whether you need to work in the vehicle or need extra space in between the racks to secure large items. 

Solutions such as bott Smartvan’s steel racking systems are designed to follow the side profiles of your specific van, giving you extra load space without compromising storage capacity. 

The latest iteration of bott Smartvan’s offering, bott modulo3, is well suited to EVs due to its easy-to-fit, no-drill nature. The racking and mounting brackets fix to existing points in the van, meaning that no drilling into the vehicle body is required. This is especially important for electric vehicles, eliminating the risk of drilling through electrical lines. 

The bott Smartvan team recently completed a full van racking setup for a VW ID Buzz Cargo Commerce Plus for tradesman, Dave. Just like with other makes and models, the racking lent itself perfectly to the specific shape of the ID Buzz, maximising storage capacity at every opportunity. The vehicle’s interior is pretty compact, and so this was particularly important. 

Previously, Dave had built his van racking from ply himself. Although this got the job done, the actual racking was heavy and hard to adapt. It also took a long time to get right. He picked bott Smartvan for his upgrade due to its reputation for great design and quality.  

When thinking about the changes to his day-to-day, Dave said that everything is now much easier to find in the vehicle, it’s also much quieter which is often a plus point if you’re on a quieter site or at-home job rather than on a busy site. He was also grateful for the no-drill system as there was no threat to the battery or any electrical wiring. 

Literally the best racking and storage I’ve ever had in a van and that’s over 40 year’s old. bott is a joy to deal with. They are super professional and friendly. My van is a joy to work out of now, with everything neatly stowed away and easy to find.”  

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