VanGuardian to be stocked in nationwide electrical wholesaler  

VanGuardian to be stocked in nationwide electrical wholesaler  

A Yorkshire plumber featured on Dragon’s Den has teamed up with an electrical wholesaler to help combat vehicle crime and protect livelihoods. 

Mike Horsfall’s VanGuardian alarm system caught the attention of YESSS Electrical – and a new partnership means it’s available through their branches nationwide.  

VanGuardian is a pre-emptive alarm designed to protect vehicle exteriors from damage and theft. Heating Engineer Mike Horsfall created the VanGuardian concept after spending more than 35 years as a tradesman in Leeds. 

The VanGuardian alarm fixes securely to the outside of a vehicle and deters theft by activating on contact, providing a 110dB audible alert to thwart the actions of anyone touching a door or panel, preventing criminal damage and protecting valuables. 

Operated by a single remote control, a range of dual and single alarm bundles and accessories are available. 

Mike said: “Standard factory-fitted alarms activating after the doors are open is too late – the damage is done! And the trend towards adding locks also does not deter van crime if thieves are afforded the time to operate. That’s why we created VanGuardian. 

“I looked at existing technology and thought about how it could work for us. Now VanGuardian draws instant attention to criminal activity, eliminating the time that thieves need to operate and forcing them to retreat before any damage is done. It’s also a really strong visual deterrent to potential thieves.  

“I’m really pleased and excited that VanGuardian is now available through YESSS Electrical and it will help many more vehicle owners protect their assets.” 

In February 2023 Michael appeared on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den programme to secure investment, but while his creation impressed the panel, he left empty-handed. 

Adam Padley, Head of YESSS Electrical’s Security Division, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Mike and the team at VanGuardian. We know all too well working with tradespeople how van crime is on the rise, with vehicles being damaged and tools stolen in the process. 

“Most van alarm systems won’t alert you in time due to them only activating once your van has been breached, meaning your tools will have been stolen before you can alert authorities.”

Main Image (L-R): Adam Padley (YESSS Security Head of Division), Mike Horsfall (VanGuardian owner and founder) and Jack Whitehouse (YESSS Security Pre-Sales & Technical Lead) 

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