PRODUCT FOCUS: Cat S60 Smartphone

PRODUCT FOCUS: Cat S60 Smartphone

The Cat S60, the world’s first smartphone with an integrated thermal camera – and the world’s most waterproof smartphone – is now available. Unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2016, it is the new flagship phone in the company’s portfolio.

The Cat S60 includes an embedded Lepton Thermal Microcamera Module, powered by FLIR, which visualises heat that is invisible to the naked eye, highlighting temperature contrasts. It is accessed on the S60 via the specially designed MyFLIR app, which brings a rich range of features for capturing and analysing thermal imagery. The thermal camera allows users to detect heat loss; spot leaks; identify over-heating appliances; and see in complete darkness.

“Since we unveiled the product in February, our team has been in the field, gathering feedback and generating multiple test cases amongst our varied target audiences. From plumbers to horse trainers, architects to site managers, firemen to park rangers, we have been putting the S60 through its paces and the feedback has been overwhelming,” said Peter Stephens, CEO Bullitt Group, global mobile device licensee for Caterpillar. “We have also engaged the developer community, sponsoring a Hackathon to bring thermal imaging capabilities to a whole host of relevant apps.”

Having a thermal camera integrated into the rugged mobile device provides time saving efficiencies from on-the-job report generation to email integration.CAT-S60-PHPI

The Cat S60 is also reportedly the most waterproof smartphone available, capable
of withstanding depths of up to five meters for one hour. The physical buttons can be used underwater to access the camera and video camera, pushing the boundaries of mobile technology, and how and where it’s used.

The PHPI team will be putting the S60 through its paces in the near future (once we’ve finished taking pictures of handprints on our magazine cover) but in the meantime, here’s gas engineer Shane Turner with his verdict…

For video guides to setting up and using the phone, click here

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