Callouts for boiler repairs rose by 26% despite lockdown

Callouts for boiler repairs rose by 26% despite lockdown

Calls for boiler repairs across the UK were up by over a quarter during the strictest period of the national lockdown, according to new enquiry data.

The data, which looked at the period between the start of the lockdown (March 23rd) and the easing of restrictions on May 11th, found that calls from homeowners and landlords were up by 26% compared to 2019. This was despite the unseasonably warm weather and social distancing measures in place during the six-week period.

Boiler Guide, which released the data as part of a review of how COVID-19 has impacted the heating engineering sector over the past few weeks, compared the seven-day average of enquiries throughout the lockdown period and for the same dates last year.

Typically, the months approaching summer show reductions in enquiries, as warmer weather tends to take attention away from boilers. However, this data suggests the desire for those potentially working from home or furloughed during lockdown has driven a focus on home improvements; perhaps as a result of cost savings elsewhere, or due to the increased demand on hot water while we’ve been stuck indoors.

There were also noticeable spikes for specific services to help homes become more energy efficient, with enquiries for new gas boilers up 28%.

These results also showcase how heating engineers and plumbers have been quick to adapt to the lockdown to ensure customers have been comfortable in welcoming workers into their home. This has included embracing modern technology such as video calls which, while not always possible, have proved useful when it comes to diagnosing issues and providing quotes. This has been key in limiting the time spent in a property, putting customers at ease.

Commenting on the results, David Holmes, Founder at Boiler Guide, said: “We’re used to seeing homeowners and tenants turn their attention away from their boilers as we move into the summer so it’s great to see people using the lockdown as an opportunity to make sure their heating system is in top condition.

“Before lockdown it was easy to put those odd jobs off and save the money for holidays or leisure. With those industries having to put their services on hold, there’s never been a better time to put the money towards home improvement.

“With so many people taking the time to replace, repair or service their boiler while the weather is nicer, they can be confident that it will be ready to keep them warm when the winter comes round.”

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