Wilo | Centrum booster sets

Wilo | Centrum booster sets

Towards the end of last year, Wilo UK announced the launch of a new cold-water booster set. We caught up with Chris Perkins, Operations Director from Wilo UK, to discover more about the unit.

Why has Wilo launched the Centrum booster set into the UK market?
The Wilo-Centrum is a range of 1, 2 and 3 pump cold water booster sets for cold water pressure boosting. Designed specifically for the UK market it is fully UK drinking water regulation compliant and lab certified to meet the requirements of CE. It was designed to complement Wilo’s already expansive range of products and specifically to complete the current Wilo booster set products. The Wilo Centrum aims to meet a technology level to meet a customer’s minimum requirements where simplicity meets functionality.

Thanks to the Wilo-Centrum being manufactured in the UK, it means we are able guarantee available stock to meet short lead times requirements and emergency replacements.

In which kind of applications would this product typically be used?
The Wilo-Centrum is designed for light commercial applications where single phase power supply is preferred or the only option available. It incorporates suitable level of technology such as full variable speed controls but innkeeping with simple operation. It offers the reliability, quality and efficiency customers expect from any Wilo product. The Wilo Centrum Cold water booster set is perfect for small-medium residential properties such apartments and nursing homes, as well as small-medium commercial buildings such as office spaces.

What pump technology is used?
The Wilo-Centrum uses Wilo Helix V high efficiency pumps. Each pump is controlled by an individual variable speed drive to ensure maximum efficiency and consumption of power during of operation. The variable speed drives allow precise control of the system to ensure you only consume energy required to meet the immediate system demands. A fully contained booster set supplied on a baseplate with small physical footprint allows you to maximise the installation locations with easy set up capabilities.

This new booster set looks to be relatively small in overall size – was footprint an issue when designing Wilo-Centrum?
Space is money and a valuable premium commodity. This is becoming more true in today’s plant rooms. Therefore, any Wilo product must consider and find the balance between overall footprint size and easy of use but also with consideration to future maintenance of the product. The product must be maintenance friendly so the customer can ensure the full life span of product can be realised.

Are there any features on the new unit that make it easier to install and set up?
The Wilo Centrum is simple and quick to set up and install, delivered to site ready for connection to water and power. Threaded connections at both end of the suction and discharge manifolds offer choice and flexibility regards orientation of water connection. The single and twin pump versions are programmed directly into the variable speed drive and the three-pump version via a compact speed centre, all without complexity of standalone control panels.

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