Snickers Workwear | Hi-Vis range

Snickers Workwear | Hi-Vis range

Instant recognition and continuous protection at work are a life-saver in hazardous conditions. That’s why Hi-Vis working clothes are an integral part of every man and woman’s PPE package – especially in dim, dark or variable light conditions.

Snickers Workwear has an extensive range of garments to suit a wide range of work environments. Options include jackets, trousers, shorts, toolvests, shirts and fleeces in the LITEWork, FLEXIWork, AllroundWork and ProtecWork families – a host of different garments to satisfy the specific requirements of Classes 1, 2 and 3 protection levels.

All of these products combine Snickers Workwear’s hallmarks of functionality and comfort with the requirements of the EN20471 standard for high visibility warning clothes.

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