Durable work trousers

Durable work trousers

Margarita Kleinhofa, Senior Product Developer at Snickers Workwear outlines how its FlexiWork Work Trousers are made for long-lasting durability. 

In just one pair of long-lasting FlexiWork Trousers there are 64 individual pieces of fabric from six different types, plus 46 additional components like buttons, buckles and labels. These are combined through 184 production steps over 122 production minutes with 59.19 meters of cutting perimeter and 40,000 stitches. 

Q. 64 pieces of fabric in one pair of trousers, why so many?
The human body is complex and to be able to offer the wearer maximum comfort and mobility, we need to construct a shape that follows the body’s contours, whatever an individual’s size. We also want to maximize the ergonomics and durability of the trousers to ensure longevity. If you want them to last, it’s important to wear the right size and style that fits your body shape. A pair of properly fitting trousers will work with you, following your every move, no matter your working position. 

Watch how Snickers Workwear Work Trousers are made

Q. What about the choice of fabric, thread and seams?
In building a pair of Work Trousers, fabric has a major impact on product performance and lifecycle as well as comfort and durability. We always consider several options of fabrics and test them both individually and in combination before starting the production process. The fabrics we choose influences the choice of thread use and we also have specifications for every seam in every garment, as well as rules for stitching to ensure the Trousers last.  

Q. So, what’s ‘the secret’ behind a good pair of sustainable Work Trousers?
It’s so much more than simply sewing pieces of fabric together. 50 years’ experience of positive energy in workwear development drives us to embrace sustainability. It brings together the best in market-leading design capabilities with a clear understanding of how new fabric technologies and sustainable raw materials can be combined to produce durable, ergonomic Work Trousers tailored suit every working environment and weather condition.   

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