Fernox | 265ml Protector F1 and Cleaner F3

Fernox | 265ml Protector F1 and Cleaner F3

Fernox has expanded its range of chemical products with the launch of the new, smaller volume 265ml Protector F1 and Cleaner F3. Just one bottle treats an average sized UK home – to clean and inhibit up to 100 litres of system water. In keeping with the brand’s sustainability credentials, the 265ml Fernox range uses less plastic and packaging, which reduces waste and lowers environmental impact, without compromising on product performance, quality and ease of use.

The smaller bottle means the 265ml range leads the way in reducing plastic packaging – and each bottle is 100% recyclable. This, combined with only needing one bottle to treat the majority of heating systems sized up to 100 litres, means the amount of waste per job is minimal. Smaller products offer improved portability, which means the 265ml range will also help to maximise space in the van.

The new 265ml Protector F1 and Cleaner F3 make cleaning and protecting domestic central heating systems effortless and simple. The new products use proven formulations, that have successfully treated over half a million homes, and are supported with recognised independent industry approvals and accreditations. Each bottle is sufficient to treat the majority of housing stock in the UK and will treat systems up to 100 litres, 12 radiators or 190 sqm of underfloor heating.

Similar to the 500ml and Express ranges, the 265ml chemicals are easy to dose into the central heating system.

Richard Crisp, Head of Chemistry at Fernox said: “Correctly dosing central heating systems with a high-quality cleaner and inhibitor has long been part of installers’ best practice approach to central heating system maintenance – and updates to BS 7593:2019 and the Benchmark Commissioning Checklist have only reinforced this practice. To ensure that installers have a range of reliable, quality products available to achieve the best results, Fernox is constantly reviewing and updating its product portfolio.

“The 265ml Protector F1 and Cleaner F3 offer the same high-performance you would expect from any Fernox product – just in a smaller bottle. To ensure that systems are properly cleaned and protected, it is vital that the quantity of chemicals needed for each individual system is carefully calculated. With the 265ml Protector F1 and Cleaner F3, this is simple – as one bottle can successfully treat the majority of UK homes with systems up to 100 litres.”

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