Bathroom trends 

Bathroom trends 

PHPI catches up with HiB Sanitaryware Category Manager Robert Pattern, to discuss the latest bathroom trends and explore how installers can communicate with customers about the wide variety of options to consider in the bathroom. 

Q. Bathrooms are a key room in most homes. What are the latest trends in the bathroom sector that installers should be aware of?
At HiB, we focus on designing ranges that reflect current and future trends. In 2024, we identified four trends shaping bathrooms in the UK and beyond. The first, Euphoria, embraces geometric, abstract and fluted patterns, creating a dynamic and nostalgic bathroom scheme. The Elements trend is inspired by Wabi Sabi, this trend celebrates raw beauty, resulting in a moody, stormy aesthetic. The Exhale trend focuses on being minimalistic and nature-inspired, this trend favours simplicity and neutral tones, echoing environmental elements. Finally, Enamour, which focuses on vintage glamour, aiming for a sense of ‘quiet luxury’ with timeless elegance and minimal clutter. 

Across these trends, common themes emerge for installers, such as the popularity of metallic finishes beyond chrome, including black, brushed brass, gunmetal and brushed bronze. Additionally, vibrant colours like oranges and pinks paired with soft shapes such as arches and rounded forms are gaining traction. 

Our HiB Sanitaryware range reflects these trends with sleek curves and finishes like dusky pink, sage green and brick red, catering to both practical needs and aesthetic preferences. Our 2024 Trends Guide provides further insights for interior design enthusiasts, ensuring our products stay fresh and appealing to contemporary tastes. 

Q. HIB recently introduced a new sanitaryware collection, what are the highlights of this new range?
The highlights of our new Sanitaryware category are a stunning variety of washbasins that combine style with practicality, perfect for any installation. Standout additions like the Entero concrete vessel basin range, with its vibrant matt colours and modern shapes, offer durability and versatility to complement any countertop or furniture.  

The Cleo washbasin range offers timeless beauty with its intricately detailed designs in three different shapes. Plus, we’ve expanded our brassware offerings with new finishes like gunmetal and brushed bronze, providing a comprehensive selection for projects.  

We’ve also expanded our Aero toilet range, now including a square option and accompanying accessories. Each piece in our range is designed to meet the aesthetic and functional demands of modern bathrooms in the UK, making them stand out.

Q. Does the company have matching brassware and washbasins?
Our product development teams have worked really hard to produce brassware, handles and accessories with matching finishes across the ranges. We’ve found this is one of the key reasons why our black, brushed brass and chrome options have been so successful.  

Customers have also complimented the new gunmetal and brushed bronze brassware, and the fact that they match our showers and mirrors in the same finishes. Although it is still early days, to receive this kind of feedback is hugely positive and we are looking forward to seeing the Sanitaryware range progress in the coming months and years. 

What’s great for plumbers and installers is the universal compatibility of our washbasins with various bathroom furniture units. Whether your clients prefer modern, colourful designs or more traditional options, our washbasins have broad appeal, making installation simpler for any style preference.

Q. What are the key accessories which help to finish-off an inspirational bathroom?
Investing in accessories that consumers interact with daily is crucial for elevating a bathroom’s appeal. Spending a bit more on these finishing touches enhances the perception of quality and style.  

Larger accessories like illuminated mirrors or cabinets are fantastic as focal points, but do require thought in the initial stages of designing the space due to electrical requirements. These features often capture attention and set a bathroom apart, adding a touch of luxury and functionality. 

Q. Can you provide some advice on how installers can communicate with their customers on bathroom options?
As installers know, it is important to recommend the right products and bathroom scheme to suit the needs of each customer as it can vary from household to household. We provide in-depth specifications about our products and accompanying inspirational imagery to provide installers with the information they need to be confident recommending our products to their customers.  

What is key with our new Sanitaryware range is that we are offering options such as concrete vessel basins in a range of colours, which can often carry a luxury price tag, yet we’ve managed to make them accessible to a broader consumer base with affordable pricing.  

We’ve introduced a specific brochure for HiB Sanitaryware which is packed with stunning imagery, key features, technical specifications and information, all geared towards helping Installers cater to their customers efficiently.  

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