Samac Fixings unveils new TEK Screw range 

Samac Fixings unveils new TEK Screw range 

Samac Fixings has announced the launch of its TEK Screw range, engineered for a wide range of applications where materials such as wood and metal need to be screwed together – without the need for pre-drilling.  

TEK screws feature a self-tapping thread, allowing them to cut their own thread into the material they are fastening, along with a drilling point.  

Each screw is treated with an advanced 1500-hour Ruspert® Coating, providing resistance to corrosion. 

The range includes the Hex Head Self Drilling Screw with two options for light and heavy section steel to steel fixing. The screw for light section steel features a TEK 3 drill point while the screw for heavy section features a TEK 5 drill point that eliminates the time and effort needed for pre-drilling. For those seeking extra stability and protection, the option to pair with a G16 galvanized bonded washer is available, water tightening the fixing and strengthening the fastener against weather-induced wear. 

The Hex Head Self Drilling Screw (Sheet to Timber) incorporates a Type 17 Cut point, maximising thread engagement with timber. This screw is designed specifically to pierce through sheet metal to anchor it tightly to timber frameworks. 

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