Laser Tools | Adjustable head butane torch

Laser Tools | Adjustable head butane torch

This butane gas torch from Laser Tools is described as very versatile and offers two heat levels and three different head angles. The neat size plus adjustable head angles mean that it’s suitable for many heating tasks from shrinking metal panel work to plumbing, allowing easy soldering of difficult to access water pipes.

It is powered by butane gas fuel — normal lighter gas or a propane mix. The flame can be adjusted hard or soft to suit various tasks; soldering, brazing, shrinking, general heating of seized components, and more. Maximum temperature is 1300°C.

The torch features a safety childproof trigger, trigger ignition and a button to keep the trigger depressed; press the trigger again to release and switch the flame off. The flexible, adjustable head can be set to three different angles: 90, 135 and 180°. It is supplied with stand and stainless steel grip.

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