Firebird launches website VIP area

Firebird launches website VIP area

Firebird has launched an exclusive VIP Installer account based system on its new website to manage boiler installations and services. 

Once an account is set up, installers simply register boiler installations and services against their account – all without the need to re-enter their own details each time. Not only does this provide an online history for the installer, but it also acts as a handy reference guide for when boiler services are due, ensuring compliance with warranty terms and conditions.

This is backed up by an email notification system to both the installer and homeowner, one month prior to the service date to act as a reminder.

By registering with Firebird to become a VIP Installer, installers can take advantage of these benefits, and will also be able to offer their customers a comprehensive 10 year warranty. In addition to the new VIP Installers area, the website, which has been designed to reflect Firebird’s new corporate identity, also provides product information on the company’s product ranges. For ease of use the website is structured by boiler type, then broken down further by application, thereby making the boiler selection process as simple as possible.

Commenting on the updated website, David Hall, Firebird’s UK Director said: “We are very excited by the launch of Firebird’s VIP Installer Area which we believe is the first of its kind. Designed with the professional in mind, we are convinced this technology will provide an invaluable management tool for the heating industry.”

For details on how to become a Firebird VIP installer, visit:

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