Elmhurst Energy launches new RdSAP GO software App for iOS

Elmhurst Energy launches new RdSAP GO software App for iOS

Elmhurst Energy has released a new iOS-optimised version of its time-saving Reduced data Standard Assessment Procedure (RdSAP) GO software.

The App enables Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) using iPhones or iPads to easily and accurately carry out calculations on existing dwellings and produce precise Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Energy Performance Reports (ERPs) onsite or on the move.

Available to all Elmhurst Certified DEAs free of charge, RdSAP GO can also be used offline, meaning assessors can enter survey data and instantly calculate results remotely, even when an internet connection is not available.

Energy Assessors already using the software are impressed by its ease of use and its practicality. Neil Radford of EPC Services, York, works with estate and letting agents and uses it on a daily basis to process surveys.

“The RDSAP GO software is easy to learn and get to grips with,” Neil says. “It flows well and is logically laid out. To change the way you’ve been working for years can be a bit daunting, but it is worth it as it makes you more efficient and professional.”

The benefits of using RdSAP GO include:

  • On site data entry, saving time and allowing errors to be identified and rectified immediately
  • Instant calculations, allowing recommendations to be viewed whilst at the property
  • Offline functionality which allows survey data entry without an internet connection
  • The ability to produce EPCs and EPRs on-site
  • Automated link directly between RdSAP GO and Elmhurst’s unique members area, ‘Access Elmhurst’

“RdSAP GO for iOS combines simple navigation with flexible data inputs and image capture to provide an all-in-solution for Domestic Energy Assessors to use onsite,” explains Martyn Reed, Managing Director for Elmhurst Energy. “It complements the Android and Desktop versions so that every Energy Assessor can use the App, no matter what mobile or tablet platform he or she uses.”

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