Aico launches new website

Aico launches new website

Aico has launched a new responsive website providing customers with detailed product and alarm technology information, along with an extensive selection of support tools and information.

The website has been completely redesigned, with a clean, modern look and intuitive navigation. It is said to be content focussed, delivering information and support in formats required by a wide range of visitors.

The home page provides instant links to the most visited pages of the previous website and links to four key areas – Products, Support, Expert Installer and a new ‘Where to Buy’ feature.

Clicking through to the Product section allows you to filter by category, product series, and/or technology, such as AudioLINK data extraction. Products are automatically loaded to the page that meets the search criteria entered and can be clicked on for detailed information.

There is also an Innovation & Technology section of the website which explains new technologies, such as AudioLINK data and RadioLINK+ wireless interconnection with remote data extraction functionality, that are used across different alarms. As alarm technology becomes more sophisticated, a dedicated zone was considered a useful addition to the website.

A devoted Support section has been designed to house the wealth of information the company has created and accumulated on all matters relating to Smoke and CO Alarms. This includes technical support, advice on choosing the correct alarm sensor type, alarm testing and commissioning; frequently asked questions courtesy of Aico’s technical team; standards and regulations; plus a full list of Aico publications which are available to download.

The Expert Installer section enables customers to find their nearest Aico trained installer without even leaving the site’s home page. For more information on the scheme a link takes you to a dedicated Expert Installer page, with an overview of the training scheme and a form for interested installers to apply. Created by Aico, Expert Installer is a training scheme that ensures electrical contractors have all the information they need to successfully install domestic Fire and CO Alarm systems.

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