PRODUCT TEST: Snickers FlexiWork hoodie

PRODUCT TEST: Snickers FlexiWork hoodie

Roger Bisby checks out the Snickers 8041 FlexiWork Zipped Fleece Hoodie, and the latest additions to the stretch collection.

Around this time of year, we tend to yoyo from winter to spring… not quite cold enough for the extreme quilted cold weather gear, but not quite warm enough to leave home in a T-shirt and shorts – unless you happen to be a postman.

This Snickers 8041 hoodie made of a stretch mesh fleece material gives you a nice lightweight garment for keeping the chill off. The material is breathable, so it will move the moisture out and, though not designed for the wet weather, is an ideal mid layer under a lightweight shell jacket. That way, you are set up if the weather turns angry, but you can shed a layer when the sun pops out. So, in the April showers you have it covered and it has you covered. That is what we call a nice, cosy arrangement.

There are two zipped hand pockets and a water repellent chest pocket for your phone. There are also thumbholes to keep the sleeves pulled down – not that you have to use them of course. Thumbs in, thumbs out – but definitely thumbs up. We give it a like for the style and for the price.

*Mesh fleece for extra ventilation
*Wear it as an outer layer in mild temperatures or as a mid layer underneath a shell jacket in cold conditions.
*Brushed inside offers excellent warmth and comfort.
*Thumbholes in the cuffs keep the sleeves in position.
*Two zipped hand pockets and an adjustable hood.

The Stretch collection
Elsewhere in the Swedish workwear manufacturer’s range, its Stretch collection has expanded for 2019 with the 6940 trousers. If there is one word you are going to hear a lot of during 2019 it is (no, not Brexit) ‘stretch’. It seems that younger tradespeople are mad for it – or whatever the current phrase is for loving it. The slim fit, the ability to move where you want – and when you want – and the fact that there isn’t a load of loose clothing hanging around has really struck a chord with Snickers’ younger customers.

It is a given that older tradespeople will take a step back (hopefully there is a handrail behind them) and suck in some air when they see this range making its way onto British building sites, but that has been the case with every single innovation that Snickers has made over the years. There was a time, believe it or not, when tradespeople laughed at “those funny trousers with the big hanging pockets” and now you would not be able to go on a site in the UK without seeing some. So it is inevitable that when you are in the vanguard of change, boldly stepping where none have trod before, you are bound to make people look twice but that, we suggest, is a good thing. The Schoeller 4 way stretch fabric is water and wind repellent, and really is modern clothing for the modern tradesperson. The Kevlar knee panels go right to the bottom of the leg, the legs are pre-bent so the knee pads fall in just the right place, and there are zips on the lower legs to accommodate your boots – hi tech clothing for a hi tech generation.


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