U-Pol launches construction filler range

U-Pol launches construction filler range

U-Pol, a leading name in fillers from the automotive sector is making a foray into the trades, with the launch of a new range of construction fillers. PHPI reports.

U-Pol, which describes itself as the UK market leader in automotive body shop coatings and fillers, has brought its decades of experience in surface finishing to the professional tradesperson with the introduction of three high performance construction fillers.

Surface perfection is a must in automotive body shop repairs, and U-POL’s expertise in meeting the requirements of that sector mean its new building range delivers the same quality, ease of use and high performance.

TOUGHfill, FASTfill and EASYfill collectively offer a range of fillers that provide plumbers, heating engineers and kitchen and bathroom fitters with a solution for all requirements and applications – from load bearing to making good and other remedial tasks.

They are all so-called ‘2K’ two-component products. 2K fillers are said to be superior in all ways to standard one-part ready-mixed products predominant in the industry. They combine the durability and toughness only associated with two-part technology with easy sanding to give a superior, professional finish which can be ready for painting in as little as 20 minutes.

Microbead technology results in fillers that are ultra-easy to sand and can fill to any depth. The products are suitable for interior and exterior repairs, don’t crack or shrink and can be drilled, screwed or nailed. – and all can be used on multiple substrates.

FASTfill is a high performance, fast-drying filler specially formulated with snap-cure technology to produce a tough repair ready to sand and mould in 10 minutes. It can be used in both interior and exterior applications where speed is crucial. It is also an ideal solution for repairing areas where the damage is exposed to all types of weather.

TOUGHfill has been specifically designed to work in high-demand environments, where durability and resilience is paramount. It can be used to repair holes, dents, splits and cracks and take structural loads – up to 37kg – making it an ideal partner to repair or provide extra holding strength on most surfaces.

Created as a lightweight polyester filler perfect for all minor and last-minute surface imperfections, EASYfill delivers a smooth surface that is easy to sand down flat or shape and ready for painting in 20 minutes. Advanced microbead technology makes EASYfil the easiest to sand filler in the range, designed to deliver outstanding performance with a flawless finish ready for final paint.

Introducing the new range, U-POL CEO Guy Williams, said: “The great thing about two-part fillers is they dry inside to out which is a massive plus… Additionally, the feedback we have had on our construction filler range is that these are the easiest 2K fillers to hand-sand on the market”.

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