Summer workwear | work hard, stay cool

Summer workwear | work hard, stay cool

With summer approaching Carhartt explains how to look great and remain cool while you are working hard. 

The nature of plumbing work can involve working anywhere from tight spaces under sinks to outdoors at height. In fact, the variety of jobs means that any workwear you choose must be ready to face any demand. Workwear needs to protective and safe but also offer flexibility and breathability, especially as the weather gets warmer.   

When engaged in physically demanding plumbing work, cotton is your friend and makes an ideal summer fabric, particularly for T-shirts. As its fibres allow air to circulate and moisture to evaporate efficiently, it is naturally breathable, comfortable and will prevent overheating. This breathability, together with its soft feel, makes cotton less likely to cause skin irritation than other materials, even after sweating so it is ideal for those with sensitive skin or who spend extensive hours in their workwear. 

Cotton is also tough and lasts and lasts. It can withstand the rigours of daily wear and tear, frequent washing and the rough conditions of the plumbing trade. This resilience makes cotton garments a practical and economical choice for tradespeople, ensuring that their workwear remains in good condition over time. Cotton also offers some protection against scratches and abrasions, providing a layer of safety to skin that might be exposed to hazards on the job site.

Keep cool
For a summer T-shirt ideally suited to hard work, look for one that incorporates Carhartt Force. This isn’t a fabric but a collection of technical properties designed to keep you cool, wick away sweat rapidly, fight odour and give a refreshing feel against the skin. Both the short and long-sleeved Carhartt Force Pocket T-Shirts fit the bill for summer workwear. Made from a midweight cotton jersey that’s adept at moisture management, these tees are quick drying, have mesh side panels to improve airflow and are shaped for freedom of movement. As they include FastDry™ technology and antimicrobial properties, they stay comfortable and odour-free as the temperatures soar. 

Short order
When it comes to lower body, look for workwear shorts made with plenty of pockets, reinforced stitching and from sturdy materials like Ripstop nylon, which is lightweight but resistant to tearing and abrasions.  

Designed for plumbing and heating installers, the Carhartt Force Ripstop Work Shorts are lightweight but also incorporate a stretch Ripstop fabric, Rugged Flex technology and a Comfortflex waistband that moves with you, making them perfect for bending, stretching, couching and climbing. They have loads of pockets too – front ledge pockets, a discreet fifth pocket within the right front pocket, a zippered security pocket on the left leg and a dedicated mobile phone pocket on the right.  

Light on your feet
When considering staying cool on site, don’t forget footwear. Switching to lighter footwear during summer can also significantly improve comfort. Carhartt’s trainer-style options, such as the Michigan Rugged Flex S1P safety shoe, are lighter than traditional work boots, offer a solution that doesn’t compromise on protection.  

Built with a fiberglass safety toe, this shoe upholds S1P standards and will protect your feet from 200 joules of weight and impact. These shoes are designed with materials that ensure safety against the common hazards of the plumbing trade, such as accidentally treading on nails or splinters, slips, trips or heavy object impact, while also being flexible, lightweight and easy to slip on and off. Carhartt also understands that feet often swell in the heat, so their footwear is carefully engineered to leave space for any expansion. 

Sock it to ‘em
Socks might sound like a minor feature, but they are also important. Carhartt’s sock selection is designed to conquer the heat, featuring moisture-wicking fabrics, odour-fighting technology and arch support for enduring comfort. The Carhartt Force Midweight Logo Short Crew Socks offer advanced moisture management and quick-drying capabilities to keep your feet at ease.  

Last but not least, you’ll want to consider a good cap — not just for style, but to shield your eyes from the sun and keep sweat at bay. Carhartt’s Canvas Mesh Back Cap, available in an array of bright colours for increased visibility, incorporates a Force sweatband that’s adept at wicking away sweat and fending off bacteria, ensuring you remain focused and fresh throughout the day. 

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