Q&A: Bosch inspection cameras

Q&A: Bosch inspection cameras

Inspection cameras are a staple item in many installers toolkit and Bosch has recently launched a new model – the GIC 120 C. Stephanie Humphreys, Measuring Tools Marketing Assistant at Robert Bosch Ltd answers PHPI’s questions about the new tool.

How might a plumber or heating engineer benefit from having an inspection camera in their toolkit?
Whether you are looking for a blockage in a drain or leak in a pipe, inspection cameras are an essential tool for trades people, especially plumbers and heating engineers. They enable the user to clearly visualise previously inaccessible areas, ultimately saving a vast amount of time and money for both customer and tradesman. The Bosch GIC 120 C is the ideal tool for the toolkit, boasting a large 3.5” colour display and a high screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, this combined with improved ergonomics of the tool allows a repeatedly efficient and safe use of the tool.

What power source does the GIC 120 C use? Is it compatible with other Bosch tools?
The inspection cameras power source is flexible to the user’s requirements, offering a dual power source ability. It can be powered by 4 x AA batteries using the AA1 adapter or by the Bosch Professional 12V Li-Ion battery packs compatible with both the Bosch Power Tools 12V range and a selection of Bosch Measuring Tools. Whilst using AA batteries provides convenience and the 12V battery packs offer optimal power and efficiency, the ability to change the tools power source in general enables the tradesman to avoid interruptions on the job.

How long is the camera cable. Will it reach up in to a ceiling void or under a floor-and does it include a torch to illuminate the working area?
The GIC 120 C is equipped with a 120cm long camera cable allowing the user access to a variety of inaccessible areas such as ceiling voids and under floor areas. However, for some people this is not long enough to gain a close enough inspection of their desired area. So a longer 300cm cable is available to purchase and with the Bosch quick connector technology, switching camera cables has never been easier. The tool is also supplied with three attachments; a hook, magnet and mirror as well as the standard LED light, all these allow the GIC 120 C to adapt to best fit the situation.

Is the camera waterproof, can it be used in wet areas?
The Bosch inspection camera cable has a maximum waterproof depth of one metre, which means there is no risk of damage when accessing certain work situations, such as water drains and pipes. Whereas normally, any potential blockages or leaks in pipes would result in the deconstruction of the pipe, the tool can easily detect if there are any problems.

The resolution on some inspection cameras is relatively limited with images appearing pixelated. What is the screen like on the GIC 120 C and is a zoom function available?
The new 3.5” screen on the GIC 120 C provides a much broader visual with better spatial awareness. This supported by the high resolution of 320 x 240 pixel enhances the screen visual clarity giving a clearer image for the user. In addition, the inspection camera has three zoom options up to 2.0 x, allowing the tool to adjust to any situation and highlight key smaller details.

Sometimes, when using inspection cameras, it can be difficult to figure out which way is ‘up’-especially when looking down a pipe. Have you tackled this issue on the GIC 120 C?
Twisting cables and switching between 90° rotations is complex especially when viewing the screen, so the Bosch GIC 120 C has introduced the new ‘Up is Up’ function to simplify this for the user. This feature offers the best orientation by rotating the screen, therefore even if the camera is upside down, the image will always appear the right way up on the screen, this is a clear USP for the GIC 120 C.

Can the user take photos or videos from the camera and how can the recorded images be transferred onto a computer?
The GIC 120 can be used to document pictures and videos through a Micro SD card which allows for easy transfer to external devices, like laptops. This beneficial feature means that after the initial inspection the user can continue to examine the situation from anywhere. Not only can the images be directly transferred, gallery mode allows images and videos to be saved and viewed on the device straight away with the help of the soft keys. These features enhance the products ability to ensure that the job is conducted as easily and efficiently as possible.

What else is included with the GIC 120 C?
The GIC 120 C comes with many items included to optimise the use of the tool. The two main options being: L-BOXX and the carton version. Both these options come with: the 8.5mm camera head, the 120mm camera cable, a hook, magnet and mirror attachment, a 4GB MicroSD card and a USB cable. The additional benefit of the L-BOXX version is that a 12 V battery charger and a 1 x 1.5 Ah Li-ion battery are included, in comparison to the carton option with only comes with alkaline batteries. The tool comes with one year’s warranty, with the option of an additional year (3 years) if the tool is registered within 30 days of purchase on the Bosch Professional website.


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