Product Test: Snickers workwear

Product Test: Snickers workwear

Good news – winter is no longer coming. Quite the reverse, in fact, as we enter the welcome beginnings of spring this month. Whilst it may not mean the end of the inevitable British shower, hopefully temperatures can do installers a favour and warm up a bit. We can’t quite believe where we are in the year already – it seems like only yesterday that #thundersnow never actually happened – but if there’s one thing we can believe, it’s that Snickers has got some comfortable and practical workwear essentials to see you through whatever the weather.

From robust kneepads to a handy fleece-come-gilet, this selection features the usual durability and comfort the trade has come to expect. The products aren’t short of style either, so you can look as good on the job as you do off it.

3212 DuraTwill Work Trousers
Trousers that tear or rip easily are of no use to anyone. It’s lucky these work trousers are hard-wearing and dirt repellent then, thanks to the use of DuraTwill fabric. Not content with this, Snickers has also added Cordura reinforcements for extra durability. Other features include a twisted leg design – there’s that style we were talking about – holster pockets, a handy phone compartment and the inevitable kneepad pockets designed for, um… kneepads.

9191 D30 Kneepads
“Flexible when working, tough on impact.” This is the Snickers tagline for the D30 kneepads, and it pretty much sums them up. We gave them a thorough testing, and they showed no signs of fatigue – active kneepads for active installers, as the brand says. Featuring shock-absorbing D30 material for protection and durability and an ergonomic curved design that bends with the knee, they are ideal for protecting those precious knee joints! To cap it all off, one size fits all, and they slot seamlessly into the DuraTwill work trousers.

Solid Gear Hydra Safety Shoes
According to Nancy Sinatra, boots were made for walking. Well according to Snickers, shoes were made for much more besides. Integrating modern design with best-in-class materials for water protection and durability, the Solid Gear Hydra GTX safety shoes will keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. A waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex lining keeps water out and comfort in, while the Vibram outsole and Cordura Ripstop fabric offer great protection and ruggedness. Call me old fashioned, but at first glance I was unsure about the BOA ratchet closure system instead of laces to tighten the shoes. Initial scepticism was overcome quickly, however, as the shoes fit just as well as Ace Ventura’s parking – like a glove.

9005 Belt
Nobody in the trade wants to be the butt of jokes (see what we did there). Designed to keep trousers up when bending down, the Printed Ergonomic Belt is clearly not just a stylish accessory to complete the all-round Snickers look. With its quick and easy lock system and elasticated design, the belt will shape itself to your body so that one size will fit all.

8014 Fleece Vest
Who doesn’t like an extra layer of warmth now and again? Combine that with added comfort, which will fit over other outerwear or can simply be worn with a polo/work shirt and now you’re really talking. The Fleece Vest is part of the Snickers’ A.I. S – Active Insulation System – range of workwear. Made of soft and lightweight fabric, it is an ideal additional layer for outdoor work with its insulating ability and high moisture transportation. I loved this product so much that I’ve been caught channelling my inner Tim Sherwood more than a few times since.

9213 Socks
What can you say about socks? More than you might imagine. A snug fit ensures warmth to the extremities, whilst the merino wool material keeps feet fresh. Furthermore, there are air channels and a mesh structure to provide extra ventilation, and the material will arch with your feet. Who would have thought so much work could go into a pair of socks? Snickers, that’s who.

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