REHAU welcomes proposed changes to RHI

REHAU welcomes proposed changes to RHI

REHAU has welcomed the proposed changes which have been laid out in the updated Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) regulations.

With the updated regulations it is hoped that higher, guaranteed tariffs for domestic and commercial projects that opt to use renewable heat solutions, will be introduced.

The tariff changes were laid out before Parliament in February as part of number of proposed amends to the domestic and non-domestic RHI schemes, which ministers hope will boost the uptake of renewable heat installations in the UK.

Among the changes to the RHI schemes is said to be an uplift to the tariffs for biogas and biomethane, changes to the eligible uses of renewably generated heat, plus new rules on shared ground loops and mandatory electricity metering.

However, REHAU has noted the key change as being the introduction of tariff guarantees. Under the proposed amends, project managers will now be able to apply to Ofgem at the planning stage of a project to secure a guaranteed tariff.

REHAU stated that it hopes the suggested changes to the regulations, will give specifiers the confidence to go ahead with projects that had been put on hold due to the uncertainty surrounding RHI tariffs.

Steve Richmond, Head of Marketing and Technical for the Business Solutions Division at REHAU, said: “We welcome the proposed changes to the RHI schemes and hope they will become the catalyst for an uplift in renewable heat installations in the UK. We are particularly excited about the changes to the biogas tariffs, some of which have been doubled from the previous tariff, as this is an area where we have a great amount of experience from our German operations and where the UK has been slow to adopt.

“We have spoken to customers who think the tariff changes will make their biogas – or anaerobic digestion – plant projects viable, which is great news for them and for the environment.”

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