HHIC launches installer resource on water treatment

HHIC launches installer resource on water treatment

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) has launched a consumer guide on water treatment. The guide is aimed at assisting the installer when educating customers on how to maintain a central heating system.

Neil Macdonald, Technical Manager, HHIC, said: “‘Protecting your boiler and heating system’ details the important role that water treatment can play in ensuring a central heating system performs as expected, and continues to do so.

“This guide serves as another tool that installers can use to educate consumers, and provide them with the information necessary to get the most out of their heating system.”

He added: “It’s vital, for warranty purposes and general efficiency, that heating systems are effectively cleaned at the time of installation, and also checked at regular intervals to ensure that system debris, sludge and corrosion cannot block or restrict the boiler waterways and its functional hydraulic parts. This guide also reminds consumers to ensure their installer completes the Benchmark commissioning documentation to confirm that this has been done.”

The HHIC’s Water Treatment guide can be found here.

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