The ups and downs of family businesses

The ups and downs of family businesses

Family firms are pretty commonplace in the trades, and working with family was the topic of this week’s #TradesTalk discussion on Twitter.

If you’d like to see what everyone had to say, simply follow @TradesTalk and get involved. The chat takes place every Tuesday from 8-9pm, but you can join in at any time.

Here is our round-up of this week’s best bits (there is also a giveaway from Metabo running until Sunday 9th June, so do check out the pinned tweet).

The first question of the main #TradesTalk discussion looked at the advantages of working with family.

Then the chat moved on to the disadvantages.

The next question looked at encouraging family into the trades.

The next question was about pressure from parents (or other family members) to follow the traditions of the family business.

What makes a family trades business work? Here is what #TradesTalk had to say.

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