LISTEN: TradesTalking podcast episode 5

LISTEN: TradesTalking podcast episode 5

The fifth episode of TradesTalking, brought to you by the team behind the #TradesTalk Twitter chat, is available now.

The podcast is aimed at tradespeople in the UK and covers a mix of relevant topics, from new products to accessing mental health support.

Episode 5 includes:

  • AMAZING TRADESPEOPLE! In this episode, it’s the hosts of the EGTE podcast.
  • TRADE SECRETS Nicole spills the beans about Stanley from SNL Home Repairs
  • LYRICAL GANGSTER Who is it? Guess correctly and you could win a sticker!

If you’d like to send in something for the podcast – whether it is a question you’d like other trades to answer or you simply need to have a rant – message the new #TradesTalk burner phone on 07468 910641.

TradesTalking is hosted by Lucy and Stu. To get in touch, simply follow @TradesTalk on TwitterInsta and Facebook.

The podcast is sponsored by Norbord, and is available on Podbean, Spotify and iTunes.

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