TOP PRODUCTS 2022: Makita KT001G Kettle

TOP PRODUCTS 2022: Makita KT001G Kettle

As featured in the December issue of Professional Heating & Plumbing Installer, we’re taking a look through some of the products which have caught our eye over the past 12 months.

Earlier in the year Makita introduced several new products to its XGT 40VMax range – including the DK0014G and DK0172G combo kits, which both feature two of the company’s most popular professional cordless power tools in a convenient storage solution.

However, the item that stood out for us was the KT001G Kettle, just in case you need a brew. It can be powered by Makita’s XGT 40VMax batteries or the PDC1200 portable power pack to boil water wherever you are on site. It is equipped with an anti-spill lock button to prevent accidental spills and it stops boiling automatically when the kettle or power supply stand is lifted to ensure safety.

And, thanks to the carry handle on the power supply stand, the KT001G should be easy to transport around site.

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