TOP PRODUCTS 2022: Drayton Auto-balancing TRV

TOP PRODUCTS 2022: Drayton Auto-balancing TRV

As featured in the December issue of Professional Heating & Plumbing Installer, we’re taking a look through some of the products which have caught our eye over the past 12 months.

In the middle of the year Drayton launched its new auto-balancing TRV technology, available for two of its most popular ranges – TRV4 and RT414. The chrome thermostatic radiator valve has been designed for UK domestic applications and have the same dimensions as all GB pattern valve bodies found in UK systems, meaning no pipework needs to be changed when retrofitting. Once installed and set, the auto-balancing valves will ensure that radiators permanently receive the correct flow rate regardless of other TRVs opening and closing or changes to the system.

For existing radiators, where installers are unsure of the heat output, they can use the new handy valve setting calculator on Drayton’s website to determine the correct setting for each auto-balancing TRV they are installing on the system.

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