Grant launches new installation packs for Aerona³ heat pumps

Grant launches new installation packs for Aerona³ heat pumps

New installation packs, which include all of the essential accessories for the Aerona³ Air Source Heat Pump range, will be available from Grant UK in the New Year – providing customers with cost savings while also simplifying the order process.

Available from January 2020, three new installation packs will be supplied by Grant UK to complement all four models within its Aerona³ R32 air source heat pump range. The Grant Aerona³ installation packs are made up of eight core accessories required for heat pump installations with one pack being ‘standard’, the second including the addition of a 30ltr Volumiser and the third pack including the addition of a 50ltr Buffer. Each pack is compatible with all the Aerona³ heat pump models so customers simply need to select the pack which suits their needs.

The following components are supplied in each pack: AC Isolator, 18ltr sealed system kit, flexi foot kit, Mag One filter, through wall insulation kit, 25ltr anti-freeze, domestic hot water boost kit and hot water priority relay. Installation Pack 1 (HPIDR32PACK1) is the standard pack which contains the eight core accessories. Installation Pack 2 (HPIDR32PACK2) comprises of the eight core accessories plus a 30ltr insulated Volumiser while Installation Pack 3 (HPIDR32PACK3) includes the eight core accessories plus a 50ltr insulated Buffer with integrated 3kW immersion.

These new installation packs from Grant UK are more tailored, providing customers with a choice of different components which can be ordered under one code. This makes for a straightforward order process as installers can select the pack which is best suited to their installation requirements, depending on whether or not a volumiser or buffer is required, and turn to their local merchant quoting just two part codes – the relevant pack code alongside the heat pump model code. Furthermore, by choosing to buy one of the new installation packs, customers can save 10% compared to buying the individual components on their own (based on Grant’s RRP January 2020).

These three new Grant Aerona³ installation packs will supersede the heat pump packs which Grant UK currently supplies. From 1st January 2020, the four heat pump packs with the codes HPID6R32PACK, HPID10R32PACK, HPID13R32PACK and HPID17R32PACK will be discontinued. Thereafter, the new installation packs will be available for merchants to order from Grant UK.

“We have developed these installation packs in response to feedback from our heat pump engineers,” comments Kevin Ellis, Renewables Sales Manager at Grant UK. “For several years, we have supplied component packs to complement our Aerona³ heat pump range but these new installation packs deliver even more benefits to our customers. We appreciate that each installation is different so this is why we have redesigned the packs – rather than choosing a pack based on the heat pump size, customers can now choose a pack depending on the components they actually require, helping them to save both time and money.”

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