Trakm8 Prime helps avoid winter battery failures

Trakm8 Prime helps avoid winter battery failures

Vehicle tracking company Trakm8 is offering van owners a way to beat the winter blues caused by flat batteries.

Cited as the top cause of vehicle breakdown by the AA, flat or faulty batteries can prove costly for sole traders and small businesses. The likelihood of running out of charge increases in winter, as drivers use more battery-draining functions such as headlights and heaters.

Trakm8 Prime, the self-install vehicle tracker for trade professionals, includes Trakm8’s vehicle health alerts. These act as an early warning system, informing owners of potential issues such as flat batteries, before they cause a breakdown.

Colin Ferguson, Managing Director Fleet and Optimisation at Trakm8 said: “Failure to turn up to a customer appointment following a breakdown or non-start can damage a company’s reputation. Additionally, the cost of having a vehicle off the road can easily exceed a thousand pounds, after factoring in recovery fees on top of losing a day’s work.

“Trakm8 Prime includes vehicle and battery health monitoring as standard, giving van owners peace of mind that they can take care of failing batteries before they cause a problem.”

Sole traders can receive email alerts on their van health, while business owners with multiple vehicles can set up Trakm8 Prime to receive early warnings on the health of all company cars and vans.

Priced at £12.99 or less per vehicle, per month, the gadget is a cost-effective fleet management tool for small and medium-sized businesses. It combines GPS tracking with business and private mileage management as well as vehicle health alerts. It also helps SMEs boost vehicle MPG by monitoring driver behaviour KPIs such as excessive acceleration, harsh braking, sharp cornering, and engine idling.

Trakm8 Prime offers a free, no-obligation, 30-day trial of its vehicle tracking solution to small fleet owners. For more information, visit:

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