SW&L apprentice named as Rising Star finalist

SW&L apprentice named as Rising Star finalist

An apprentice from Shackleton, Wintle & Lane (SW&L), has been named as a South West regional finalist in the National Apprenticeship Awards 2018.

Henry Crosby, 25, is currently working towards a Higher Apprenticeship to become a fully qualified Plumbing and Heating Engineer at SW&L. He has been recognised as a regional finalist in the Rising Star category and will now go through to the Regional Final which will be held in Bristol on 25 September.

Henry said: “I’m really proud to have got this far in the competition. Undertaking my plumbing and heating apprenticeship was a big change in direction but it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m grateful that my determination, commitment and hard work has been recognised by the judges and I’m looking forward to the Regional Final.”

Joining at the age of 21, Henry was reportedly older than SW&L’s other apprentices and was having to make sacrifices to change his career, the company said, however, that he was keen to get going and learn quickly.

SW&L Cotswolds Director, Malcolm Faulkner, confirmed: “Henry has come a long way in a short space of time. Henry is such an asset to the team and the wider business. As part of the 18-strong Cotswolds team, he is responsible for running jobs on site where everything has to be finished to an exceptionally high standard. Apart from on the tasks he’s not yet qualified to do alone, he rarely needs supervision. For us to have a Level 3 apprentice who is this trusted and well-regarded is exceptional. In addition, he also has an apprentice working under him, so he’s helping to develop other members of the team too.”

Keith Smith, Director at National Apprenticeship Service, added: “Our awards are an exciting opportunity to recognise the hard work and success of apprentices and the commitment of apprenticeship employers. The regional finalists demonstrate promise, drive and a real enthusiasm for the apprenticeship programme.

“I applaud Henry for getting this far and wish him, and all the other finalists, the best of luck for the next phase of the awards.”

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