Sentinel offers free training packs

Sentinel offers free training packs

Sentinel has created a series of online courses and training packs designed to help established and budding engineers deliver best practice water treatment solutions, elevate their service offerings, and stand out in a crowded marketplace. ‘Trainees’ will also get a chance to turn their theory into real-world best practice by registering to receive a free pack of Sentinel’s water treatment products – worth over £50 – which will enable them to clean, protect and maintain a system.

The training packs (known as Sentinel Partner Packs) and online courses, both of which are available now, contain the culmination of Sentinel’s 25+ years’ experience in research, testing, product innovation and application, all whittled down into a series of easy-to-follow steps, well-designed visual aids, interesting facts and bite-sized chunks of information. Furthermore, the materials are presented in a logical and buildable way, making the training suitable for all levels. For example, the contents revolve around the Sentinel System of ‘clean, protect, maintain’, a simple best practice approach which, when followed, helps plumbing and heating engineers to deliver the highest levels of boiler and heating system protection for the life of those components. That means complete prevention of corrosion and limescale, for good.

“Anyone, at any stage in their career, is able to benefit from professional development. We’ve created a convenient, quick and easy to dip in and out of training system designed to bring all users up to the highest standards of best practice water treatment, whether they’re starting out with little or no knowledge of water treatment, right the way through to experienced engineers that want to refresh their knowledge or catch up on current approaches that can help them to minimise call-backs and improve their business,” explained Daniel Cheung, UK Trade Marketing Manager for Sentinel.

The first of the online courses, ‘An Introduction to water treatment and best practice’ is available now, and can be found on the Sentinel website at This module looks at the role of water treatment in protecting heating components, and covers topics such as what can go wrong in the absence of water treatment, how corrosion occurs, water treatment legislation and best practice. It takes around 10 minutes to complete and contains a number of test questions to help participants feel confident in what they have learned.

Flexing newly acquired best practice skills in the real world has been made easy thanks to Sentinel’s offer of a free water treatment pack. Comprising Sentinel’s best-selling X800 Fast Acting Cleaner, flagship X100 Inhibitor, and system testing tools, the pack enables users to clean and protect a heating system, and confirm to the customer that the job has been done correctly. Engineers can claim a pack upon completion of two online courses (before 01/12/16). See for registration details and full terms and conditions.

The Sentinel Partner Pack contains a number of quick reference, easy to understand training materials designed to help users gain a sound knowledge of water treatment. Contents include system cleaning, protection and maintenance, a basic introduction to water treatment, common problems caused by lack of or inadequate water treatment, and maintaining the operating efficiencies of ErP rated boilers and heating systems. ‘How to’ guides, product selection advice, the benefits of each best practice stage, and legislation can be found throughout. Presented in leaflet form, the materials can also double up as handy sales tools to help installers explain the benefits of water treatment to their customers. They can be ordered directly from Sentinel by emailing [email protected], and will also be available to students via participating colleges.

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