Monarch’s salt complies with updated European biocide legislation EU: 528/2012

Monarch’s salt complies with updated European biocide legislation EU: 528/2012

Monarch Water and Ineos (Hydrosoft) are the only UK salt suppliers that have complied with the updated European biocide legislation EU: 528/2012. This legislation states that only registered suppliers are able to supply salt for chlorination units for use within swimming pool electrolysis activators, but equally importantly confirms their high level specification for use within water softeners.

All Monarch’s Ultimate salt is suitable for all types of water softener, achieving:
BS: EN 973 Class A – Food Grade Approval
HR Approval No: 24.00024/A
EU: 528/2012 – European Biocidal Products Registration

When Monarch first decided to use sea salt as the raw material for production, its decision was not only based on a proven supplier with over 100 years’ experience in salt harvesting and production, with a proven sustainable quality product, but of equal importance that its supply would have a minimal impact on the world’s environment.

Sea salt is the only salt that can be extracted in an ecological manner using the sun and wind. Moreover, the sea represents an almost inexhaustible source of salt due to its enormous volume.

This, together with the fact that Monarch’s salt is derived from the Mediterranean, that is arguably one of the cleanest seas in the western world, also went some way in to helping Monarch chose its supplier.

Monarch Water has deliberately chosen a far-reaching sustainable corporate policy. This continues to be demonstrated in its choices in terms of raw materials, logistics and production to provide the highest quality and purity range of salt.

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