Ariston plays its part in successful conversion at Hull Wyke Rugby Club

Ariston plays its part in successful conversion at Hull Wyke Rugby Club

Four Ariston Nuos FS 200 heat pump water heaters have been fitted in the newly-built sports pavilion at Hull Wyke ARLFC. The floor-standing units were fitted by Hull-based building contractors Martin Dixon Ltd and will primarily be supplying water to the showers in the changing rooms. The units consist of an unvented cylinder combined with an integrated air source heat pump, and operate by drawing air in from outside the building to heat domestic hot water.

Hull Wyke (formerly known as Telephones ARLFC) has been based on its current Bricknell Playing Fields site in East Yorkshire since 1960, with the new sports pavilion being built following the demolition of the original building. It has 14 teams overall, including junior and women’s squads, and was named RFL community club of the year in 2015. While the project was part funded by Sport England, the majority of the investment came from the club itself, so it was reliant on the generous assistance of local companies and volunteers.

The sports ground has no mains gas on site, so an alternative method of generating hot water was required. Alec Hardie of Hull-based installers Rooms4improvement, consulted a network of local experts on behalf of Hull Wyke, with the Ariston Nuos recommended for the project in hand.

Speaking about the Ariston heat pump water heaters, Alec Hardie commented: “There are four Nuos units installed at the club, all running the showers in the changing rooms. Not only do they have excellent capacities and heat up times, the fact they are electric as well is perfect, as there is no gas on site. In fact, the products are ideally equipped to cope with the hot water demands after a hard fought rugby match. We are really pleased with them – they should certainly help see the club’s teams through the season and many more to come!”

When the initial installation of the units took place, the Ariston team was also on hand to assist with proceedings, offering guidance on connecting the electricity and water supplies to the Nuos heat pump water heaters.

Craig Beaumont, Chairman of Hull Wyke, added: “The Ariston team have been extremely helpful throughout this project. Their team attended the site when the units were fitted, then remained in contact throughout the duration of the project, providing quality technical advice and assistance where necessary.”

With a CoP of 2.8 (tested in accordance with EN 16147), the Nuos is capable of raising the water temperature to 55°C with just the heat pump (a back-up immersion is present to bring the temperature to 65°C) making it an ideal solution for off gas properties or as a replacement for existing electric only cylinders. It also features an intelligent control system which allows the end-user to program two separate times for hot water to be available. The heat pump water heater was also recognised for its efficiency in the 2012 edition of Construction Products Innovation and Achievement (CPIA).

To guarantee safety and hygiene, the Nuos heat pump water heater includes an anti-legionella function, which regularly heats the contents of the cylinder to 65°C in order to sterilise the stored water. The cylinder also has a five-year guarantee and the electrical components are guaranteed for two years.

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